70 from the ’70’s

This is a sequel to a blog I ran last year entitled “80 from the ’80’s,” here. This time it’s “70 from the ’70’s” — 70 albums from the 1970’s that still sound great today. It’s not intended as a “best of” list; rather, a more personal take on a great decade of music, including some albums and genres that don’t always make these kinds of lists (no offense, Led Zeppelin IV).

This time, I’m stoked to include picks from several guest contributors. They include Continue reading 70 from the ’70’s

80 from the ’80’s

FullSizeRender (1)Ok, so this one is just for fun: 80 albums from the ’80’s. To be clear, I don’t dwell in the ’80’s or in it’s music, really. But it was a formative decade— where I spent the entirety of my teen years plus some— and one that continues to inform a lot of my thoughts and tastes today. And there was some great music back then, especially lurking just below the surface, blasting on college radio stations, or sneaking out from this independent label or that.  Continue reading 80 from the ’80’s

Record Store Day Reflection


It’s Record Store Day again — that greatest of all the made-up consumer holidays. There are a lot of reasons to love and support independent record stores — from the role they play in supporting independent and local music and artists, to providing an outlet for non-mainstream genres like jazz, bluegrass, and “world” music, to the simple value local, independent businesses add to our communities. Yet there is another benefit they provide that might get overlooked; that is, they help keep our cultural history alive and in circulation.  Continue reading Record Store Day Reflection

On March Sadness



What makes a sad song sad? I mean, really sad, as in palpably sadder than the endless barrage of songs otherwise purporting to be sad? This was the essential challenge of an online “tournament” I recently participated in, dubbed “March Sadness.” Continue reading On March Sadness