Tim Fearnside, Boise, Idaho, USA.

Welcome, and thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

About me: I’m a husband, recovering lawyer, and father of two wonderful girls. We live at the base of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Boise, Idaho, along with our neurotic beagle, “Majestic,” and four hens –“Polka,” “Gertie,” “Dixie,” and “Elyse.”

About my blog: Having been at this for a little over a year, some themes have emerged. Many of my posts have concerned politics, where I approach things from the left. I’ve touched quite a bit on religion, too, and its interplay with politics, most recently in a series of posts about my experiences growing up during the white Protestant evangelical movement of the ’80’s. Other topics have included music, the body positivity movement, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the great Starbucks holiday cup debacle of ‘ought ’15.

I’m a child of the ’70’s and ’80’s and a product of the rural midwestern “rust belt.” I find that my writing and perspectives are heavily influenced and informed by my generational experiences. While I have strong opinions, I try to approach blogging with civil discourse in mind, and would much prefer to bring people a step closer together than further wedge them apart.

Hobbies and interests include urban farming, art, photography, music, progressive education, and various outdoor pursuits. I am also working on a novel, with much remaining work ahead.

This blog is continually evolving, and I have no idea where it lead, but please check back in now and again. I will strive to make it worth your while.

Thanks again, and best regards!


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  1. Hi Timothy, read your opinion in the Statesman today and thought it was GREAT. I hope when other people read it they will step out of the shadows too. I met my first gay person in 1971. He was my boss at San Francisco State U. He was brilliant and hilarious and came out to me a year later. We traveled to Greece together a couple of times and I met many other gay people – men and women – through him. I also learned of the horror they faced through aids and the cruelty of the straight community during that terrible time. Some of the stories I heard were heartbreaking and helped to form my understanding that while there were many people different from me in so many ways – black, gay, asian, hispanic, etc. – they were all people and deserved respect and acceptance. Anyway, thanks for stepping up and writing this. Lesley

    1. Lesley – thanks so much for reading it and passing along these thoughts. I really appreciate it :). I also hope it might encourage others to examine their own shadows, so that we can all keep moving forward in the direction of tolerance and respect. Best, T

  2. Hi, Tim, First, thanks for following our blog, buster’stwocents.com. I, Buster’s old pappy, read your blog on the authoritarian aspects of The Donald’s phenomenon, and enjoyed it very much. I will follow your blog, also.

    1. Thanks, Walt – I appreciate it! I trust that Buster will be following, as well (?). ‘Nice write-up in the Statesman Sunday. I need to get a copy of your books!

      Best regards, and see you around the Market one of these days.

      – Tim

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