A Curious Thing, This Neo-Nationalism

Donald Trump is riding a wave of neo-nationalism that caught nearly everybody off guard, including the Republican party. Trump’s particular brand of nationalism is nothing new under the sun: close the borders, blame immigrants for the nation’s problems, villainize foreign trade partners, promise better jobs at home. It’s an old recipe, replicated many times throughout modern history, including during some of her darkest moments. What is unique about it is that Trump’s nationalism is resonating so strongly in the wealthiest nation on Earth during a relatively strong and growing economic cycleContinue reading A Curious Thing, This Neo-Nationalism

“Innie” or “Outie?”: The Difference Between Sanders and Trump, Explained

A year ago, they were both viewed as fringe candidates. Sanders was the crazy-haired Jewish socialist with no chance against DNC-annointed favorite, Hillary Clinton. Trump was the bombastic, toupee’d cartoon character from bizarro-world who would get slaughtered by GOP-backed candidates like Jeb Bush (remember him)?  Continue reading “Innie” or “Outie?”: The Difference Between Sanders and Trump, Explained

Hey Idaho GOP: Stop Campaigning With Our Tax Dollars

In Idaho, elected officials are not permitted to use public tax dollars to campaign for office. Yet, this is precisely what they do when they pass laws they know are unconstitutional and are certain to be overturned by the courts. Unfortunately, it’s not a rare occurrence.  Continue reading Hey Idaho GOP: Stop Campaigning With Our Tax Dollars

Trump: the G.O.P.’s S.O.B.?

Well, now that the the Republican party has lined up behind Donald Trump, the question is, will Republican voters follow suit? I’m worried they will.

This worry has little to do with poll numbers, voter demographics, the electoral college, or such. Rather, it stems simply from something I’ve observed over the past ten or so months, something I’ve found both troubling and baffling. That is, the bizarre, conspicuous public silence from my many conservative friends on matters concerning Trump.

My thinking has gone something like this:  Continue reading Trump: the G.O.P.’s S.O.B.?

80 from the ’80’s

FullSizeRender (1)Ok, so this one is just for fun: 80 albums from the ’80’s. To be clear, I don’t dwell in the ’80’s or in it’s music, really. But it was a formative decade— where I spent the entirety of my teen years plus some— and one that continues to inform a lot of my thoughts and tastes today. And there was some great music back then, especially lurking just below the surface, blasting on college radio stations, or sneaking out from this independent label or that.  Continue reading 80 from the ’80’s